Our experience

We have really great experience spanning all media, markets and execution types.


Some of the great brands we’ve worked with:

    Serviced Industries :

    Executive Education
    Healthcare (hospitals, physician practice groups, clinical trials)
    Residential Building
    Real Estate
    Travel & Tourism
    Home Furnishings

    “What started out as working with Media Placement Services to purchase and place television and radio buys with a consortium of community colleges has blossomed over the years into a professional relationship that provides our small community college with a wonderful source of  knowledgeable and  access to helpful media placement specialists. MPS has assisted us in strategic planning for some of our more challenging marketing needs, based on research and best practices, and more recently helped us launch into digital media advertising that allows us to target the specific audiences we need to reach. With our small staff and budget, we could not manage these services without the help of MPS. And I also have to say that they are just such a pleasant bunch of folks to work with!”

    Director, Public Information - Piedmont Community College

    “We’ve been working with Media Placement Services for several years now.  They have always done a great job of going the extra mile to understand our business and how to best reach out target customers.  One of the more unique things we feel they bring to the table is a willingness to stretch the boundaries of standard B2B communication planning.  They constantly challenge the status quo by bringing leading edge marketing strategies to the table for CCL (Center for Creative Leadership).”


    Senior Lead Generation Specialist - Center for Creative Leadership