What we do

The way your customers interact with media is changing everyday. Is your media placement strategy changing with it?

What we do

We exist for that brief moment at the intersection of creative and connections.  Where a person lets their guard down and takes a break from their busy lives to listen to what (insert your brand’s name) has to say.

We’re leaders in breakthrough media strategies.   Having been heavily invested in digital since back when people were still calling it new media (by the way are people still calling it that?) has put us in a unique position to help our clients execute campaigns in a way that fosters meaningful connections with their consumers.

We drive results for clients by mixing a little process, with a few tools and lots of talent, critical thinking and customer service (service is so important to us that we decided it needed to be in our name).

Some would call what we do rocket science.  We call it our passion.

Media we plan and buy

Video: Broadcast/network, cable and online

Technology and the high speed internet have changed the way we consume VIDEO forever.

Years ago, advertising in a few prime time shows and the local evening news would deliver all that you could ever want.  It’s not so simple these days!  The modern advertiser has to consider DVRs, smartphones, tablets, streaming devices and whatever else those geniuses in Silicon Valley are developing.

VIDEO advertising is still an ideal way to make an emotional connection with your customers.  We are still big fans of VIDEO, but today’s mobile, technology-driven world demands an integrated VIDEO placement strategy that utilizes screens  of all sizes, regardless of whether they’re hanging on a wall or in someone’s pocket.

If you’re not hearing this from your media agency then we need to hear from you.  Contact us today to learn more.

(P.S. – We put VIDEO in all caps to stress the point that we don’t plan and buy TV anymore.  Instead, we develop breakthrough media strategies, which include VIDEO!)

Radio: Broadcast and online

This same tech-driven world has caused individuals to consume AUDIO differently.

Terrestrial or over-the air radio delivers a strong impact, with loyal listeners tuning in to their favorite on air personalities.  Radio offers the ability to target demographic groups effectively…and reach a high percentage of the marketplace.

New players have emerged in audio.   There’s Pandora, iTunes Radio, Slacker, Last.fm, Spotify and more.

The key is to have the ability to integrate these new players with traditional radio and their expanding platforms.  We understand how to use online audio to augment local radio buys.  Let us put together an integrated radio plan one for you.  Send us a note or give us a call.


Still powerful when used correctly.

Our philosophy is that print “still has punch”.

Print can reach individuals with specific interests or involved in a particular trade or occupation.

Print, particularly newspaper, can be very effective with a call-to-action message, including couponing or price and item sales.

With the capacity to deliver both memorable images and detailed information, print offers flexibility that can help build awareness over the long-term or promote a timely call to action. It might have a place in your plan depending on your needs and ultimate marketing objectives.

We won’t recommend you “go to press” unless we’re sure that print can deliver results and meet your marketing goals.


Ours is a nation on the move.

Everyone seems to be going somewhere—all the time—and this audience is very reachable.   Out-of-home advertising can reach those going to work, to school, or play….and works really well when combined with other media.

Making an impression using out-of-home requires a longer-term commitment and investment, but this approach can bring significant returns.

If you need to reach those “on the go”, we can develop plans and secure placements that ensure your customers take that message “home”.    Contact us now to learn more.

Display Advertising (Yes, this includes mobile)

Online display advertising gives you the opportunity to be where your clients are. At Media Placement Services we tailor your strategy to reach your customers on the websites they visit and devices they use.

Display advertising reaches your customers by geographic targeting, interest targeting, gender, age, specific site placement, and remarketing. Display advertising comes in several forms including banner ads and rich media. And, unlike text-based ads, the visual appeal of images, audio, and video are used to grab your customer’s attention. Whether your goal is awareness or direct response, Media Placement Services develops and executes the strategy to drive results.

With online marketing, our clients are able to see their advertising efforts as results. Campaigns are optimized and placements are monitored to ensure results that meet, and exceed, our client’s expectations.

 Contact us to discuss your display advertising strategy and learn more about our approach!

Search engine marketing (Yes, this includes mobile too)

How many times over this past month have you said to yourself, “Google it”?

Search is at the core of all research that we do as consumers in the 21st century. There is more to finding a service, business, or product than just skimming the phone book. In fact, consumers have essentially “created” a step in the buying process to go online & research a product and make the final decision to purchase, or not.

Media Placement Services is here to guide and help you ensure your brand is in the consumer’s results. Whether you’re looking for organic search visibility (SEO), pay-per-click results (PPC), or local search visibility we’re here to ensure you premium search engine visibility with a combination of online media.

Online marketing gives an accountability aspect that other marketing mediums cannot deliver. At Media Placement Services, we go to great lengths to ensure our client’s campaigns perform up to, and above, expectations. With constant optimizations and testing new technology, we are able to learn what works best for our clients and shift the strategy accordingly.

You will never get a “set it and forget it” strategy from Media Placement Services.

Our online marketing strategies are tracked and analyzed using the latest tools available, including:

  • DART for advertisers (search and display ad serving)
  • TruEffect Ad Serving
  • Google Analytics

Contact us to learn more about our approach to search marketing, advertising, and analytics.

Social media

Social media is much more than gaining Facebook fans or Twitter followers. It is an important part of marketing strategies for businesses big and small.

According to Experian, 91% of online adults use social media regularly and by 2015 50% of web sales will occur via social media. As an ever growing atmosphere that has a large impact on sales, strategy and execution can be difficult to handle on your own. Media Placement Services is able to take your social presence to the next level by developing a strategy and customized content tailored to your business goals, while coinciding with and enhancing your SEO strategies.

But, social media strategies don’t stop with content and interaction. Media Placement Services is also well versed in social advertising including, but not limited to:

  • Facebook advertising
  • Twitter advertising
  • LinkedIn advertising

Social media and social media advertising opportunities are ever changing and evolving. Media Placement Services ensures the most up-to-date and fitting opportunities for you and your company.

Contact us to get started on your social media strategy.


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