Linear TV is Not Dead

For years, media headlines have declared the demise of Linear TV. While Streaming TV has witnessed exponential growth, Linear TV has evolved and remains relevant in today’s media landscape.  

Linear TV companies are developing strategies to keep themselves relevant. They’re creating content around their top properties to engage audiences and reach a second screen audience that extends their reach and engagement. A notable example is the collaboration between NBC and Peacock. Plus, Linear TV continues to hold a significant percentage of viewership for live sports. Other live shows, like the news, award shows and special events, also boast strong viewership on Linear TV. Even with all the different video options, Linear TV holds its own. 

Recognizing the success of Linear TV, Streaming platforms are adopting the Linear TV model, evident in the rise of FAST Channels. These Free ad-supported Streaming TV services mirror the structure of basic cable, with platforms like Pluto (Paramount) and Tubi (Fox) offering a plethora of channels within an app. A significant number of consumers embrace the value exchange of free content for ad viewing, mirroring the model seen in Linear TV for years. The opportunities to consume video content are expanding daily spanning Linear TV, Streaming services, and FAST Channels.  

Ultimately, the choice of video tactics for a specific campaign depends on numerous variables. With the many options that exist amongst Linear & Streaming TV, the key will be leveraging the benefits of all video viewing opportunities to create the right TV mix that aligns with campaign objectives and resonates with target audiences, ensuring meaningful engagement throughout the consumer journey.  

As an agency entrenched in traditional media yet adept in the digital era, Media Placement Services believes that for awareness focused campaigns, the optimal media plan integrates both Linear and Streaming TV. This integrated strategy creates the ideal media mix that resonates with consumers across various content consumption channels.  

Let Media Placement Services create a custom media plan and help you reach your audience on Linear TV, Streaming TV or other platforms where your audience may be. 

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