Not So Social Social Media

Social media has come a long way since its inception & it continues to shape the digital landscape in profound ways. In the beginning, social media platforms were a way for people to connect, share & communicate online. From the early days of Friendster & MySpace to the dominance of Facebook, Instagram, TikTok & more, social media has fundamentally changed the way we interact & consume content. Most recently, social media has become less social with users only consuming content rather than creating & sharing content. Many factors have influenced the shift in how we use & interacy social media.

A Shift Toward Privacy

Pricavy concerns have driven a significant shift in the social media landscape. Users are becoming more cautious about sharing personal data, leading to changes in advertising practices. Platforms are adjusting their algorithms & data collection policies to address these concerns.

Video Dominance

Video content has taken center stage on social media. The rise of platforms like TikTok & the introduction of Stories on Instagram & Facebook have made short-form video content a primary medium for engagement. Video content is also leading to more time spend on sites, people are posting less, but consuming more.

Influencer Marketing

Social media has given rise to the influencer culture. Individuals with large followings now have the power to influence consumer behavior. Influencers, with their curated feeds, are a driving factor in why social media is less social. Users are more inclined to look at someone else’s life than share details of their own.

With the changed landscape of social media, marketers & advertisers must adapt to new realities.

Content Quality

With algorithms favoring high-quality, engaging content, marketers & advertisers need to invest in creating valuable & shareable material. This includes not only visually appealing content but also content that resonates with the audience’s interests & values. Using user-generated content has proven successful with ads seamlessly blending into social media feeds.

Data Ethics

Marketers & advertisers must prioritize ethical data collecation & usage. As social media platforms adapt to stricter privacy regulations, marketers should ensure they are compliant & transparent in their data practices.


Staying agile is crucial. Marketers & advertisers must be ready to pivot their strategies as new platforms & trends emerge. The rapid evolution of social media requires learning & adjustment.

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