The Olympic Games & Advertising: A Winning Partnership

The 2024 Olympics (Paris)

The Olympic Games are much more than a global sporting event; they are a grand stage where nations showcase their best athletes, cultures, & values. However, behind the top athletic performers & gold medals lies a significant economic engine driven by advertising. The relationship between the Olympics & advertising is intricate & mutually beneficial, shaping […]

Targeting Teens with YouTube Advertising

In a world where thousands of platforms exist to fight for our attention, YouTube stands out as a powerhouse for reaching teens. With its vast audience, diverse content, & engaging features, YouTube offers advertisers a golden opportunity to connect with this key demographic in meaningful ways. The Power of YouTubeYouTube boasts over two BILLION logged-in […]

A Cookie-less Future

In the digital marketing landscape, few tools have been as ever-present as third-party cookies. These small pieces of data, stored in users’ browsers, have long been the backbone of online advertising, enabling advertisers to track users across the web, deliver targeted ads, & measure campaign effectiveness. However, with privacy concerns on the rise & major […]

The Impending Ban on TikTok

In the realm of social media, TikTok has swiftly risen to the top, captivating millions with its short-form videos & creative content. However, its journey hasn’t been without hurdles, as debates surrounding its potential ban have lingered. With governments worldwide scrutinizing its operations, the looming TikTok ban raises significant implications, particularly for advertisers banking on […]